Welcome everyone! My name is Mark Matthews and I’m a professional freeride mountain biker who’s spent the last year carefully creating this online course to help you take your riding to the next level. I’m here to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to become a better rider. It does not matter if you’re completely new to mountain biking or looking to hone your advanced skills, there’s a set of lessons for everyone. The lessons are specifically designed to guide you up the progression ladder, all while covering the most important techniques.

A Bit About Me

My passion for riding started all that way back in 2002 at age 14. Since then, I have turned riding into a full time career, completed in the world’s largest freeride events like Red Bull Rampage and the Bearclaw Invitational, and I’ve been hired as a coach by some of the world’s best mountain bike camps like Summer Gravity Camps in Whistler. I’m excited to finally be sharing all the knowledge and lessons I’ve learned after 18 years of pursuing mountain biking at the highest level.
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Part 1. Introduction to Mountain Biking

This is your foundation of knowledge for all things mountain biking. I will educate you on how to choose the correct bike, discover new trails, and progress your riding safely and steadily.

Sample Lesson – How to Find Trails

Part 2. Beginner Foundation Skills

This is the start of your skill building journey. I will show you the correct body position, how to carry speed without pedaling, what it takes to get your wheels off the ground, and lots more!

Sample Lesson – Wheelie Basics

Part 3. Intermediate Trail Flow

Developing and fine tuning an intermediate skill set is when things become very exciting. I will teach you a variety of skills from basic jumping techniques to hitting drops on the trail. You will apply all the foundation skills to more challenging settings.

Sample Lesson – Jump Basics

Part 4. Advanced Techniques

In the advanced section, I will break down some of the most challenging maneuvers you can master on a mountain bike. This is where all your previously learned skills are logically blended into more advanced movements. I will also discuss how you can start developing your own creative style on the bike.

Sample Lesson – How to Wall Ride

Eli Berkovitz

“Mark was a fun guy to hang out with, and carefully explained many of the finer points I had never known. My kids got a chance to ride with him and pick up a few tips and they are still talking about it a year later. He knows how to take each point down to a rider specific level to ensure the rider gets the points that he needs.”


Doug Harrington

“I did a jump course three years ago for my 40th bday with Mark. Last year at 42, I was cleaning all of A-Line at Whistler. Thanks!”


Steph Ball

“Mark was the instructor for the Nolan Camp Dirt Jump clinics that I was a participant in. Mark utilized the pump track and jumps to progress our riding skills. Mark’s incredible bike skills and ability to transfer that into coaching others, enabled me to improve my riding in many ways from cornering, jumps, even to clearing gaps! You will have a fun time while progressing your riding with Mark!”

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